What to Do When a Company Lies about a Data Breach

What to Do When a Company Lies about a Data Breach

Last week, online sneaker-trading platform StockX asked its users to reset their passwords due to “recently completed system updates on the StockX platform.” In actuality, the company suffered a large data breach back in May, and only finally came clean about…

Amazon’s surveillance doorbell marketers help cops get warrantless access to video footage from peoples’ homes

Every time I write about the unfolding scandal of Amazon’s secret partnerships with hundreds of US police departments who get free merch and access to Ring surveillance doorbell footage in exchange for acting as a guerrilla marketing street-team for Ring, I g…

The Weirdest Detective Pikachu Meme Now Has a Plush, and More Peculiar Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the cool toys that have an eye on reducing the amount of pennies in our piggy banks. This week: Japan’s weirdest Pikachu meme in a while gets its own plush, Figuarts takes on old Han and old Luke, NECA …

‘Unity’ March Set for El Paso Week After Mass Shooting

Latino groups say they’ll march through the Texas border city of El Paso a week after a mass shooting.

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