The Making of 'Doom' Is Getting a TV Show

The Making of ‘Doom’ Is Getting a TV Show

The drama of videogame development is finally being turned into prestige television. Also, Ninja was on ‘The Masked Singer’.

Netflix, Save Yourself and Give Me Something Random to Watch

I want off the Netflix carousel. Please give me an “I Feel Lucky” button for entertainment.

North Carolina Detective Fired After Allegedly Sending Inappropriate Messages to Women Whose Rape Cases He Handled

A detective in North Carolina was fired earlier this year after he was accused of making inappropriate advances toward women whose sexual assault cases he investigated. Paul G. Matrafailo III was fired in May from the Fayetteville Police Department, according…

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Garden State’ 15 years later

In 2004, many viewers fell in love with “Garden State,” an indie comedy-drama written and directed by Zach Braff. In the years since the film’s premiere, Natalie Portman has had a successful acting career that has included dramas, action films, and thrillers.…

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