'Judgment' is one of the best detective games ever

‘Judgment’ is one of the best detective games ever

With intrigue, murder, batting practice, arcade games, and gang violence, Judgment is a lot of things. But at its core, it’s one of the most fun and compelling detective games ever made. Judgment came out June 25, but flew in a little bit under the radar. The…

ICE Launches Low-Key Raids Targeting Migrant Families

A series of coordinated deportation raids is targeting recently arrived families from Central America.

Jeffrey Epstein Registered as a Sex Offender in 2 States. In New Mexico, He Didn’t Have To.

The New York financier’s case points to the patchwork of laws around the country that govern the registration of sex offenders.

This Pikachu plush came vacuum sealed and it’s the stuff of nightmares

Pokéballs are passé — enter a new system of travel for Pokémon (and non-Pokémon) plush toys. After ordering a new plush, how can you ensure that your new friend can survive the trials and tribulations of the postal service? Sure, their stuffed bodies could pr…

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