An Election Day Cheat Sheet to Voting

An Election Day Cheat Sheet to Voting

Tuesday: The New York City ballot is two pages long. Here’s a guide to what’s on it.

This rat detective uses DNA to track how rats move around cities

It’s dark and I’m parked in an alley near a lopsided compost bin. I have a notepad, binoculars and a lukewarm cup of coffee — everything needed for a successful stakeout. I am waiting for them. They appear approximately one hour before dawn, skittering from d…

Detective in critical condition after being shot during DEA task force operation

A police detective was critically wounded Monday night after being shot during a drug raid in Dayton, Ohio.

Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Teens on a Bible App

A registered sex offender in Florida has been arrested for allegedly targeting teenagers on a Bible app. Read more…

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